Cops conduct cybercrime workshop

The Steel City police launched an anti-cybercrime drive for Under-graduate College and school students at the Jamshedpur Women’s College to prevent them from falling prey to the traps of cyber criminals.
“Youths who use social media sites but are ignorant of the drawbacks of sharing private videos and photographs on online social platforms fall victim to cybercrime offenders,” superintendent of police (city) Prabhat Kumar said on Tuesday. He added that the workshop was aimed at informing the students on safe usage of social media.

Kumar also said cyber bullying against women is a common threat posed by the cyber criminals and that teenage boys are also duped by fake internet astrologers.

Cyber expert Ravi Mishra advised the participating students to follow the security norms while surfing the internet. He also explained how to operate online banking, mobile wallet and social media sites with proper precautions as it could lead to bank account forgery, ATM cloning, insurance frauds and cell phone sim card cloning. He also suggested measures to avert falling victim to such crimes.

“It was an educative and informative session that helped us immensely on how to use Facebook account, WhatsApp safely let alone email accounts,” said Ashwini, a second year commerce stream student, said.

Asha Kumari, an arts student, said, “The session helped us to know how we can avert problems by using net banking, mobile wallets and ATMs sensibly.”

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