Youth Parliament and it’s significance.


# What Is Youth Parliament:-

Youth Parliament is a new nationwide emerging level of competition which is the direct adaption of the Indian Parliamentary houses.The youth parliament in the most simple terms can be defined as an high level debate competition with the exact procedure followed by the parliamentary houses during the debate session; with the participants representing themselves as the different ministers, members of parliament.

In recent times, we have witnessed that youth is being eager to see the transformation and wish to see the country grow.  But, still we have youth working in various directions, lacking a clear vision and even the government seems not to be in sync with our real needs. This made us realize that to make our nation grow in a consolidated approach, towards one direction is need of the hour! Hence, it is a platform where experts of each field, whether it’s politics, art or business, would be there along with the young minds. Experts will have an opportunity to show the vision beyond each policy and offer small goals to the youth to work towards that direction. Similarly, youth will get the platform to share their ground level hardships, problems and requirements so that the experts will consider those significant and can work accordingly. We are working closely with youth as a social group, from last fourteen years in different sectors.

#Significane of Participating in Youth Parliament:-

Youth Parliament is a platform offered to the youngsters where they are given a mock parliament set up and exposure to the parliamentary type debate. It is significant due to following reasons:

1) Acquaint youth with the India’s parliament rules and regulations

In order to create a set of youngsters who have an idea of the parliament, the best way is to make them sit in that environment!

2) Introduction to the national issues

It is a platform to discuss the national issues on a larger scale in a proper forum and in front of the experienced moderators.

3) Like minds on the like platform

It brings the like-minded youngsters on the same platform and offers a chance for the creation of a community to discuss and come up with the possible solutions.

This indeed is a learning experience for the youth because there is a difference between learning passively from books and videos and learning actively by actually being a part of it. Youth parliament provides that active learning platform where students learn to take quick decisions, teamwork, expressing their views, standing by each other, giving constructive criticism and above all, learning to form opinions on issues of national importance. It is a holistic learning. It is a formal debate hence no situation like the actual parliament arises.

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