Asbestos Mesothelioma Law is related to the personal injury law it is for the persons who are dealing with exceptional cancer. It is because of the usage of the noxious materials used in the Industries. It results in the compensation for the person who affected this cancer, to meet the medical expenses. The lawyers take a specialization in this subject support the people who affected it and to overcome their damages and illness. This cancer is occurring due to the usage of asbestos.Asbestoses are the materials used for the ceiling works in early days these materials are very strong in nature, has resistance power to the heat, less expensive to produce. By the large usage of asbestos widely lead to the problem of health especially the respiratory problems.

At the time of legal problem arises companies start to increase the quantity of production then the profit of that is used for the further compensation procedure. The legal procedures for this lead to long years.  Environment and Human Health of the Government of India clearly instruct that “Alternatives to asbestos may be used to the extent possible and use of asbestos may be phased out”.  Similarly, National Human Rights Commission made a statement regarding this problem “Replace all asbestos sheets roofing with roofing made up of some other material that would not be harmful to inmates.”  Mesothelioma is a branch of cancer which affects the thin tissue that covers most of our internal organs like lungs and wall of the chest. In the year 2011 Supreme Court of India banned the usage of asbestos widely in India. Indian Standard Bureau made a list of directives for the usage of asbestos cement and blocks it is in the part one of Indian Standards 11769.

Usage of Asbestos Friction Sheet and Brake Liners it is included in the part 2of the . Asbestos Sealing and Insulation Products like CAF Gaskets, Gland Ropes, Insulation, Rope Lagging, and Millboard’s usage is included in the part3 of the Indian Standard 11769. Union Minister of Environment, Forest & Climate Change Anil Madhav Dave made a statement on this issue on 15 August 2016, that “Since the use of asbestos is affecting human health, its usage should gradually be minimized and ended. As far as I know, its use is declining, but it must end”. Ban Asbestos Network of India (BANI) is working with aim “Asbestos Free India” to protect India at present and in future from the hands of Asbestos Industry.


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